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Tessa Bottomley

Performance Coach

Why Virtus?  

Because I love being able to share my love of fitness and coaching with so many amazing people whilst also being mentored and learning from such an inspiring group of humans.

What gets you out of bed?

The fact that I am young and healthy and can so easily get out of bed always helps me to wake up. For some people, it is not that easy to just get out of bed and for that I am grateful.

What drives you?  

The main thing that drives me is the ability of physical activity to give someone an outlet which allows them to escape from any problems or tough times they may be facing. A person’s willingness to show up and be present at a session despite what is going on in their life gives me the motivation to do so myself.

Your 12-month intention?

My intention for this year is to get qualified and as much coaching experience as I can whilst also meeting a whole lot of new people and growing the number of connections I have.

Favourite coffee order:  

Large Cappuccino


The Cellar by Natasha Preston


There is always so much more

Contact:  0423367338

Email Address:

IG: @asset_fitness