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Mitchell Rowe

Head Coach

Why do you work at Virtus?

Why wouldn’t I? What a place, what a fantastic bunch of clients and health professionals to apply my trade with. I work to help and assist people become the best version of themselves so that they can live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute. Helping people grow and develop is my passion, Virtus allows me to do this.

Who do you specialise in coaching?

Junior Athlete Development


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Knowing that I can help to grow, develop and make a positive change in an individual’s life.

What drives you?

Personal development, helping others become the best version of themselves, growth and excellence

What is your 2018 intention for this year?

*cue Rihanna*

Work, work, work, work

But seriously… Work, work trips, personal/professional develop, travel, chase some dreams in USA towards the end of the year.

Provide the best service I can to the individuals I see

Favourite coffee order:

Cold Day – Extra Shot Latte

Lukewarm Day – Extra Shot Iced Latte

Hot Day – Cold Brew

Favourite book:

Conscious Coaching – Brett Bartholomew

Talks about the ability to improve relationships and enhance engagement through targeted communication to different types of communities which I believe is something that really needs to be improved in today’s society.

Favourite quote:

‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t put brains in F***wits’

‘Hard work has a funny way of paying you back in the future’

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’

Contact Number:  0428 745 907

Email Address:

IG: @performancecoach_rowe