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Jasmine Birch

Performance Coach

Why do you work at Virtus?

What Virtus values compared to other gyms is so different, individual and unique. We consider all the aspects of health, not just physical exercise. Things such as your sleep, nutrition and stress are just as important to consider before you enter a gym session. Values like this aren’t considered at other places- which is why I chose to work at Virtus over anywhere else. I feel like I learn something new every time I am in here. Plus, the community vibe and environment is awesome. The connection with all the clients is something I am always grateful for.

Who do you specialise in coaching?

I specialise in coaching because I love helping and caring for others. Whether it is with exercise, goal setting, nutrition or mind-set. I feel beyond excited and happy when I see a client develop success with their goals or training. We sometimes believe that goals are easy to set and achieve- but a helping hand from a coach adds an extra push for better improvement. And that’s why I am a coach. Whether it is to help you achieve your goals or do the right thing with your training and movement.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

To grow, learn and develop more as a person from work, study and the people around me.

What drives you?

Positive people, powerful knowledge, a rewarding job and a feeling of success.

What is your intention for this year?

-to learn, grow and prioritise working for Virtus

-to finish my Uni degree

Favourite coffee order:

Not a coffee drinker, but will happily have a hot chocolate or green tea.

Favourite book:

Principles by Ray Dalio

Favourite quote:

Progression > Perfection

Contact Number: 0417479955

Email Address:

IG: @coach.jas