Virtus Daily Blog #52 - Critical Factors for Success

A discussion with The Phys aka Greg Dea aka Batman late last week got me thinking. The conversation pertained to the importance of understanding the critical factors for success or failure for any given outcome. In this case, we were discussing football success. Winning games. The likelihood of the result is dependant on two things. Executing on the critical factors of success (Hitting targets, converting opportunities, winning contested ball etc) and limiting critical factors for failure (Fumbles, missed tackles, wasting possession, etc)

Everything we set out to achieve, will both these factors available for assessment if we choose to look for them. If we have a process oriented mindset, then we can break down these factors to ‘hack success’ in whichever area we decide.

Let’s use a 3 step process to hack your success. The example I’ll use to help you along is that of a new Virtus Family member. A footballer, with the goal of improving her performance outside of the gym and on the football field.

  1. First we must start with the end in mind and identify the desired outcome. What do you want to achieve? Is it to lose 5kg? Jump higher? Run Faster? Improve your resilience? For this footballer, her goals are simple. Stay on the park, play the whole season, and improve each week. Now we know injuries happen, but there are a number of controllables that if we can mitigate the risk, she will go a long way towards achieving success.

  2. What are the critical factors for success in your scenario? Identifying these are imperative. It is hard to win if you don’t know what winning looks like. In this footballers case, her critical factors for success are simple: show up to football training twice per week, complete her necessary movement prep prior to training and games, sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night, eat 3 nutritious meals per day, drink a minimum of 3 litres of water, maintain consistent strength and performance training sessions, consistent visits to her sports physiotherapist or myotherapist to mitigate any niggles or issues she may be having and to keep up with her recovery protocols post training/games. If these are being adhered to, her likelihood of success will skyrocket.

  3. What are the critical factors for failure in your scenario? Are you limiting these to the best of your ability? If our footballer is ignoring minor injuries. Missing football or strength training sessions. Skipping parts of her movement prep. Eating poorly. Ignoring her Coaches/Physios advice. Drinking alcohol excessively. In a constant state of fatigue / dehydration / discomfort. We all know what would happen if these factors are not limited to the best of our footballers ability.

Success, or failure depends on an adherence to factors of success, and limiting factors to failure. At the end of the day, show up and do the work, or don’t. Too often in life we leave things to chance. And as The Phys would say ‘Hope ain't a tactic’

We owe it to the best version of ourselves to do our very best at every moment.

To your success

Lachie Wallace




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