Virtus Daily Blog #20 - Break it down

When we set a big, hairy, audacious goal, we put it on a pedastal. Rightly so of course. It’s not a big goal covered in hair for nothing.

This can be great, positive pressure, to help you work towards it, but it can quickly become overwhelming and seemingly unreachable if we look at it in its entirety. I’m sure Hillary climbed a couple of sheep covered hills in New Zealand before he gave the peak of Everest a crack. When setting a big goal. We want to do one thing.


If you decide to eat an elephant… as you do, then you’re not going to eat it all at once. You’re going to eat it one bite at a time.

The same should be said for our goals.

Let’s play it simple and see if the numbers make sense.

Say you want to make 1 million dollars in the next 12 months. An insane goal. Especially by my lofty standards. Maybe we need to stop thinking small (I know I do) Here it is broken down

$1,000,000 / Year

$83.333.333/ Month

$19,230.769 / Week

$2,739.726 / Day

$304.41 / Hour (9hrs a day)

Now $304 an hour certainly isn’t anything to sneeze at. But that astronomical $1 Mill goal suddenly seems a little smaller. The simple process of breaking down a tangible goal can make even the most audacious goals seem slightly more attainable.

The next job, figure out how to make $304 an hour, every hour, for 9 hours a day, every single day of the year, and still have enough energy left to live and maybe buy a beer with your riches.

If you’ve figured it out, let me know 📈 💰

Let's use a simple health and fitness example.

You want to lose 20kg of body fat this year.

1.66kg / Month

384gm / Week

54gm / Day

A slight manageable calorie deficit. Sufficient rest and recovery. And it's a shoe in. All you need to do now is to show up, and continue to show up until you're 20kg lighter. You don't even need to train… (But we both know you should 🤓

Break it down.

Don't eat elephants.


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Lachlan Wallace