Virtus Daily Blog #17 - Comfort Zone

It is easy to be comfortable. Life becomes familiar, and we get cosy with everything surrounding us. Before you know it you’re wrapped up in your doona, sitting on your beanbag, not wanting to go out and face the world. There is nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, if you have no intention of evolving.

Fortunately if you do escape your blanket cocoon, you’ll realise that the real world is where the magic happens.


I’m speaking from experience. I’m slowly realising the importance of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The more I do it, the more I thrive on the results. The little voice in my head grows in strength and persuasiveness. It encourages me to try new things, create success through process and reflect on failure. In the long run, this has and will lead me to nothing but happiness, personal development, and results (kidding, I know I’ll continue to fail, be disappointed, overwhelmed and frustrated, but this is all part of the journey). But growth is never pleasant at the time. Upon reflection we realise how important our struggles are.

Breaking outside your comfort zone will increase your productivity and help you to handle change. Well, it has for me anyway. We are all human. We all have an aversion to change. It won’t just happen because you want it. You need to take action.

Think about someone you look up too. It may be a mentor, celebrity or a friend. Someone that inspires you and who you see always ‘winning’.

This specific person isn’t special. They are just like you or me. But they have made a decision to live in that scary exciting space just beyond the edges of their comfort zone. This person has worked hard, in order to reach their full and current potential.

Let's say you have an idea. It is something you’re interested in. But you’re too scared, worried or nervous* to take that extra step and begin your light bulb moment. This is common and happens to us all the time. It can easily get to a point of giving up on the bright idea you once had, leading back to everyday life.

* Nervous and excitement is the same physiological response. One we look at negatively, one positively. Shift your thinking from nervous to excited.

What you think you can do to make this happen?

How can we push for that idea to occur?
- Write it out
- Set a goal
- Start a worry box
- Evaluate your worry box
- Think of possible baby steps
- Move towards your fears, embrace them, and tackle each one
- Trust yourself and make snap, smart decisions
- Use your resources and allies
- Talk yourself into it
- Look at the positive outcome and thoughts, not the negative
- Don’t make excuses
- Use every bit of confidence you have
- Place yourself in vulnerable situations
- Just ensure you know what success looks like

Every step you take strives you closer to a win or loss.

If it leads to a win such as moving the needle, achieving a goal or gaining a positive result, awesome work.

You got out of your comfort zone, and look at how far you’ve come. This is a success and provides a feeling of achievement. Be proud of yourself.

If it is a loss such as failing to achieve a goal or not achieving the expected outcome, no worries. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, carry on and go again. Learn from it. Have another crack. You just found one way that doesn’t work.

Stop and reflect on how you could have done better. Look at the positives from the experience, instead of the negative thoughts that you may be dwelling on.

Look at it from a different angle or perspective.

A slight shift in perspective can be all it takes to turn the unremarkable into the remarkable.

- Jas

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