What Is virtus?

Virtus for all intensive purposes started in a shed back in 2011. In 2015 we moved into our current facility in Mornington.

Virtus is a gym, but not in the way you might recognise. What we do transcends the current understanding of what a gym should provide.

It all begins with personal growth and development. We want to help you find, and grow well past your edges.

We wanted to create a facility where a team of professionals can exist to communicate best practice between Health, Function and Performance to get the best possible service and result for you, the Virtus Family. We use that word ‘family’ because if we do our job right, we will cultivate a community/tribe/family of legendary humans which everybody is proud to be a part of.

‘Virtus’ is latin for Excellence. Our intention is to embody that word with everything we do. Excellence is not about being perfect. Excellence is about showing up and consistently doing the work. Excellence isn’t about standing on top of the mountain every day, it’s about the process and the journey and what it asks of you to become to get to the top.

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